June 2019

Hi Everybody,


Once again this is Chad hijacking Joanne's space to bring you the latest news regarding everything Joanne!!!

WHAT AN AMAZING TIME we had on Monday evening, June 3, 2019.  The Arkansas CMA Awards were held in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Joanne Cash went home a three time winner. The state of Arkansas is VERY serious about its country music, and the talent is outstanding.  

Joanne was nominated in four categories.  We both thought we would go home very happy if we won just one.  It was so very cool to see Joanne's home state give her a huge Arkansas salute by honoring her three times.  First she was named INSPIRATIONAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR.  That is a title she very proudly wears, as first and foremost it is her goal to shine the spotlight away from her and onto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Then came the award for MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR for the song Back Home In Arkansas.  This award is meaningful for Joanne because it was completely shot in her hometown of Dyess, Arkansas, with much of it being shot in her childhood home.  The song is her life story, and this award means a lot to me personally because I wrote the song, and did all of the work on the video.  

Finally, we were blessed with ALBUM OF THE YEAR for the CD Unbroken.  We owe so much to all of the amazing guest artists who sang with Joanne on this very special album.  And thanks so much to all of YOU for listening!!


God bless you!

Chad Randall Crow


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