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June 2018

Hi Everybody,


This is Chad Randall Crow, Joanne's music producer and friend, hijacking her website news-space for this month.  I wanted to take an opportunity to update you on the latest happenings with Joanne.

First of all, we are VERY excited to finally announce the release of Joanne's new CD titled UNBROKEN.  This album has been in the works for the past three years, and we have definitely felt God's presence as we have been working on it.  We have some amazing songs and amazing guest artists.  The honest truth is that this project is the best creative effort I have ever been involved with.  We are both very pleased with what we have released.  You can find it in Joanne's online store, and it will soon be available on both Spotify and iTunes, so stay tuned for that.

We are also preparing to do a few local coffeehouse shows here in the Nashville area spotlighting songs from the new CD.  Keep an eye on this website for more information on that.  

Also, check out the Music Videos section of the website for a couple of new music videos from the new CD.  BACK HOME IN ARKANSAS is a very personal song and video which was shot on location from her hometown of Dyess, Arkansas.  And, you will also find a lyric video for I AM THE ONE, an amazing duet with T. Graham Brown.  This song has also hit the national charts.  It is at number 82 on the Cashbox Country Christian charts for June 2018.  We are very excited about this, and thanks so much for your support.

​Joanne says hello, and she will be back in this space again very soon.  We hope you enjoy your time spent here at,

God bless you!

Chad Randall Crow

        Joanne Cash


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